The Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) is a place for students of different cultures, backgrounds, and experiences to come together in an effort to learn more about each other and about themselves. OMA takes a holistic approach to empower Oklahoma State University students to think and act in ways that will embrace and promote a more inclusive world. We aim to assist students in achieving academic excellence, developing their personal and professional character, and engaging in the campus and greater community.

OMA achieves these goals by offering scholarships, leadership development programs, mentoring opportunities and cultural education programs. We are also the home to several of Oklahoma State's cultural affinity groups, including the African-American Student Association, Asian-American Student Association, Hispanic Students Association, Native American Student Association, Vietnamese Student Association, and we house the office of Women's and LGBT affairs. OMA is here to serve all students. By connecting students with opportunities and resources for academic, personal and professional development, we prepare students to live and thrive in a culturally diverse world.

For more information on OMA programs and services, contact the Office of Multicultural Affairs at 240 Student Union or e-mail at oma@okstate.edu.